Monday, October 8, 2012

Christian! Make Your Voice Heard in this Election!

It is time for Christians to REALLY get involved in the political process. We have moral, ethical, spiritual, and religious obligations that must be honored if our Christian integrity is to be upheld. The challenge is that, right now, Christianity does not have a voice in the election!

Christianity is not served when Christians demonize and ridicule other Christians for differences of beliefs. Who are we to authentically judge the genuine nature of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama when it comes to their personal relationship with God? That is for Jesus to sort out. As Christians, it is our obligation to pray for ALL leaders. Not necessarily that their outcome in the election fits our personal agendas, but that they may be guided by God’s wisdom and filled with God’s Holy Spirit. Christians! It is time to seriously pray for everyone in the election process.

Christianity believes in the truth; not propagandized lies, half-truths, and emotionalized distortions of reality. Those techniques are great at pushing up ratings, firing up large crowds, and garnering lots of attention on Twitter or Facebook. But when it comes to honoring Christ, they do only harm. Christians! It is time that we demanded truth in political claims and use our prayerful voice to say NO to the political propaganda.

Christianity places ultimate trust and hope in God. It is idolatrous to presume a political party, a politician, a program, or platform has the power to save us. Yet, given much of the spiritual and emotional energy expended in the political process it is evident that many believe salvation hinges on how Americans will cast votes come November. For many, it seems as if partisan politics is truly their religion. If that’s their chosen faith, so be it. But please do not confuse that with Christianity. Christians! It is time that we proclaim our faith in God who is above all political posturing and partisan allegiance.

Christianity is a large part of both major political parties. There are devout Christians whose belief systems range from liberal democrat to conservative republican. Likewise, both parties have activists and leaders who are not Christian. In some cases, they are even opposed to and outright hostile to Christianity. That is part of living in a nation that cherishes a Constitutional Separation of Church and State. Christians! It is time we embrace and affirm our brothers and sisters who are faithful to God even though they claim membership in the other political party.

Christianity is a religion of loving service, not power and control. Jesus Christ never commanded his followers to found a nation in his name and require everyone to follow his ways. The choice to follow Jesus is just that, a choice. Some will make it and some will not. Yet, when Christians try and use the political process to enforce our beliefs on everyone or to make others accountable to a faith covenant that is inconsistent with their personal beliefs, Jesus is not served. Christians! It is time we truly bowed in humble service rather than profess some arbitrary “right” to control how others think, believe, and live.

Christians! Our voice is needed in the politics of our modern society.  Compassionate wisdom, loving service, and prayerful action are largely absent from the discourse of the day. This is where the Christian presence is needed. Learn the truth, pray for guidance, love one another as Christ first loved us, place God first, and—by all means—VOTE!